The Complete Guide to Local SEO and Google My Business

Local SEO

If you own a business with a physical address, don’t overlook this article. Setting up your Google my business is free and easy to do; all those potential customers in your area will be able to find you! Local SEO is the best way to ensure that all those potential customers find you when they search for services like yours. 

Tip: Don't have a website; you can still get your business listed on Google My Business and avail all the benefits of Local Search!

So let’s get started!

What is Local SEO?

Whenever you do a local search for any business with a physical presence, Google will show top local results with their location pinned on maps, with ratings and other details for that business in the description. That’s the local SEO.

It refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your local business online presence to attract more traffic from relevant local searches. Local SEO focuses on the geographical area that you do business.

It also extends to managing your online ratings and reviews, social media engagement, and beyond. Google has an estimated ~87% market share (in the US, at least) which means that most people use Google to search for local businesses. With local SEO best practices, companies can improve organic traffic from searches performed by customers in nearby areas.

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Traditional SEO focuses on improving your site’s visibility on a national or global scale.

Importance of SEO for small businesses

Local searches are more specialized and provide you with an opportunity to connect with searchers in your area.

Both traditional and local search relies on many of the same strategies for success: targeting keywords that will help bring traffic and determining which pages should be visible at different points during the customer journey from research through the purchase decision-making process.

They both appeal to Google’s algorithm, but they do so differently as Local SEO is based on the searcher’s location.

What are the benefits of local SEO?

Google My Business

Local SEO is a great way to get more business through your website. With the right keywords and links, you can rank higher in local searches. What’s even better is that it’s free, since there are no ads!

• Increase your rankings on Google Maps with a few clicks of the mouse

• Get found no matter where you are in the world, even if you don’t have an international company

• Quick and easy way to grow your online presence

How to do Local SEO?

  • Create a Google My Business page for your company
  • Update the profile photo and description on the page
  • Add links to your website, social media profiles, and other online listings
  • Create a list of all business locations with addresses and contact information
  • Verify that your listing is accurate by selecting “I manage this location” under “Is this your business?”  
  • Add photos of each store or office space with captions to help people find you more quickly when they’re searching for businesses near them in their area

Creating a Quality Listing on Google My Business

Get Regular Reviews from Happy Customers

Getting your customers to write a review can give you an edge on the competition! A recent survey by BrightLocal has found that 85% of consumers believe online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Google even says it’s okay to ask for them from time to time, so stop wasting those five stars and take advantage before someone else does.

Perform a local SEO audit.

SEO is an ongoing and intuitive process. It helps to see where your website stands and what you need to work on in order to achieve success with your goals. A local SEO audit will help identify problems that may be present, such as URL, layout of the site location (company name), content management system design for updates or changes, responsive design across devices so platforms are friendly when viewing from a desktop computer through mobile phone.

Create Content Based on Local News or Events

There’s nothing more like writing hyperlocal content that speaks or relates directly to a local issue to grab your local customers’ attention. You can create different pages for each of your locations. This strategy could help you get ranked for each specific area.

Use Location Pages or a Location-Specific “About Us” Page

"Location Pages: A Must When You Have Multiple Locations!"

Location pages are a must if your business has more than one location in an area. Take care when you have multiple locations because you need to create unique content for each page, and it’s important information that changes depending on the company!

How Google determines local ranking

Local searches are ranked on relevance, distance, and prominence. They can’t be bought to get a better position in Google local listings. Increasing the number of positive reviews will increase your ranking as well as improve customer satisfaction because that is what matters most for locals looking for services near them such as museums or hotels with excellent ratings where people have already been before once they were satisfied with their service.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

In 2020, 68.1% of all website visits worldwide came from mobile devices—an increase from 63.3% in 2019 desktops drove 28.9% of visits by themselves and tablets only accounted for 3.1%, there were still over two-thirds more coming from smartphones as opposed to last year (63%).

Local traffic from local searches is incredibly lucrative, with 75% of all mobile searches that exhibit local intent producing in-store, offline visits within 24 hours. Building a mobile-optimized site can be a massive benefit to your business.

If you are looking to increase your online presence in the search engine, consider investing in local SEO. Whether it’s through social media, blogging, or content marketing – there are many ways that you can get started with local SEO and build quality profiles on these platforms without having to hire an expert. However, if this seems too much of a daunting task for you, we would be happy to help! Book a strategy session today, and let us take care of all the heavy lifting so that you have more time doing what matters most – running your business.

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